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DAV Public School's major concern is improving teacher quality. Beginning from 2009 our teachers are contracted on the basis of their formal qualifications, training and readiness to undergo school based professional development programs to improve the overall quality of teaching and learning at the classroom level. Their instructional skills and practices will be towards appreciative inquiry/assets strengthening approach. Internationally trained educational consultants have been entrusted with the task of finetuning methods of teaching and assessment. Parent Teacher meetings will be held periodically for sharing each others' intellectual and cultural resources. We expect our teachers to be role models so that they could make a difference in the lives of their pupils.


Sr.No. first_name last_name address1 Phone year_of_joining email qualification Designation
1 Ms. Sujata  Sharma HL-12 PHASE-7 MOHALI 9816683772 01.05.1998 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A., B.Ed TGT
2 Mr. Subhash  Chandra JAGDISH BUILDING WARD NO-4 RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9418117978 05.04.1999 schandra449@gmail.com M. Sc., B.Ed. TGT
3 Mr. Jatinder  Thakur VILL MAILAN P.O. KOTGARH TEH. KUMARSAIN DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9418530035 11.04.2005 jatinderthakur@gmail.com M.A., B.Ed. TGT
4 Ms. Keerti  Sharma C/O PREM SADAN NEW COLONY BROW RAMPUR (H.P) 9418035300 07.04.2008 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A., B.Ed TGT
5 Mr. Rakesh  Chholta House No. 18, Ward No. 04, Rampur , Dist. Shimla(H.P) 9418157444 16.04.2010 chholtta@gmail.com M.Sc., B.Ed. TGT
6 Mrs. Niraj   Gupta   TYPE-III, BLOCK-ONE, SET ONE JHAKRI (HP) 9418068696 03.04.1998 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,  B.ed PRT
7 Mrs.Sulakshna   Gupta  BILASPUR HOUSE MAIN BAZAR RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9418103835 15.04.1999 gsulakshna776@live.com M.A.M.Ed. PRT
8 Mrs. Seema  Nirala VILL BAZA P.O JAROL TEH KUMARSAIN DIST SHIMLA (HP) 9418142049 16.04.2003 nirala.seema77@gmail.com B.A., B.Ed PRT
9 Mrs. Renu   Mahajan NIIT COMPUTER CENTER PRITAM NIWAS KALYANPUR (HP) 9459942043 11.04.2005 renu.mahajan.in@gmail.com M.A.,  B.ed PRT
10 Mrs. Amrita  Thakur C/O THAKUR HARDYAL SINGH RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9817626669 09.04.2007 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,  B.ed PRT
11 Mrs. Hem  Lata CHUHABAG P.O KHANERI TEH- RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9418208440 07.04.2008 chauhanhemlata4@gmail.com M.A.,  M.ed PRT
12 Mrs. Vandana  Sharma LAXMI NIWAS MIDDLE BAZAR RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9418668360 16.04.2010 vandana1982@gmail.com B.A., B.Ed PRT
13 Mrs. Meenu  Sharma  M/S JAGAN NATH & CO. MAIN BAZAR RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA(HP) 9418949912 16.04.2010 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,  B.ed PRT
14 Mrs.Nutan  Sharma  MAIN BAZAR RAMPUR  DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9816033115 02.04.2012 davrampur@hotmail.com B.Sc.,  B.ed PRT
15 Mrs. Rajni  Mehta C/O SH. VIDYA SAGAR VILL RACHOLI P.O KHANERI RAMPUR DIST. (HP) 9418453808 02.04.2012 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,  B.ed PRT
16 Mrs. Pushap  Lata C/O ROOP NIWAS PIPTY TEH. RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9816729284 16.04.2003 pushap13@gmail.com B.A.,  B.C.A Comp. Tr.
17 Ms. Neeraj  Shyam  NEW COLONY UPPER BROW DIST. KULLU (HP) 9418342406 09.04.2007 davrampur@hotmail.com B.A., CIC Comp. Tr.
18 Mrs. Netima   Chauhan GOVIND BHAWAN WARD NO.1 PADAM NAGAR RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA (HP)  9418393127 16.04.2009 chauhannitima@yahoo.com M.A., B.Ed PRT
19 Mrs. Sandesha Mehta MEHTA NIWAS KALYANPUR RAMPUR DIST.SHIMLA (HP) 8988361260 16.04.2010 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A., B.Ed PRT
20 Mrs. Veena  Gautam VILL. BROW NEAR FOREST COLONY P.O. RAMPUR DIST.SHIMLA (HP) 9418227910 19.04.2010 davrampur@hotmail.com B.A., B.Ed. PRT
21 Ms. Deepa  Sharma NEW COLONY UPPER BROW DIST. KULLU (HP) 9816574316 04.04.2011 davrampur@hotmail.com B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
22 Ms. Raksha Devi Devi V.P.O.SHINGLA  TEH. RAMPUR DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9418224083 04.04.2011 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,  B.ed PRT
23 Ms. Archana  Thakur NEW COLONY UPPER BROW DIST. KULLU (HP) 9459985696 08.11.2011 davrampur@hotmail.com B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
24 Ms. Tina  Singh VILL. JAGAT KHANA P.O. RAMPUR DIST. KULLU (HP) 9817346757 04.04.2011 davrampur@hotmail.com B.A.with music Music Tr.
25 Mrs. Chandra  Gautam VILL.BROW THE.RAMPUR BSR. DIST. SHIMLA(HP)172001 9129470655 24.04.2014 chandragautam55@gmail.com M.A., B.Ed. PRT
26 Mrs. Ruchika   Devi VPO-Khaneri Teh. Rampur Dist. Shimla (HP) 9459226050 24.04.2014 ruchikatogenderthakur@gmail.com Shastri,  M.A. PRT
27 Ms.Sushma  Devi VILL. KHARAYA P.O. KINNU THE. RAMPUR BSR. DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9459977107 26.04.2014 sushmathakur2014@gmail.com M.Sc., B.Ed PRT
28 Mr. Sushil  Kumar V.P.O. GAURA THE. RAMPUR BSR. DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 8894810060 26.04.2014 suzanian77@gmail.com BA, B.Ed. HDSE Comp. Tr.
29 Mr. Satish  Thakur VILL. NIRSU P.O. DUTTNAGAR THE. RAMPUR BSR. 9418573511 29.04.2014 thakursatish@gmail.com B.Sc. M.Ed.  PRT
30 Ms.Geeteshwari   Raghunath Mohalla Main Bazar Rampur Bsr. Dist. Shimla (HP) 9418247539 24.04.2014 geeteshwarikashgai@yahoo.com M.A., B.Ed. PRT
31 Mr. Surender  Kumar VILL. THACHWA P.O. RAMPUR BSR. THE. NIRMAND DIST. KULLUV (HP) 9459478788 25.04.2014 surenderchauhan32@yahoo.com M.A.,B.Ed. PRT
32 Mrs.  Rakhi  Sharma V.P.O.DUTTNAGAR  THE. RAMPUR BSR. DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9418028108 25.4.2014 davrampur@hotmail.com BA, B.Ed PRT
33 Mrs.  Mamta   NEW COLONY UPPER BROW DIST. KULLU (HP) 8988232095 28.04.2014 Mamtajee4@gmail.com M.Sc.  M.Ed PRT
34 Ms. Lata   Vill- Dakolar P.O & Teh. Rampur Dist Shimla (HP)  9816975873 02.04.2015 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,B.Ed. PRT
35 Mr. Ranjeet Singh BANSHTU NIWAS PIPTY WARD NO.1 RAMPUR BSR. 9418208456 05.05.2015 banshturanjeet@gmail M.A., M.Ed.  PGT
36 Mrs. Kanika Puri 467/5, MODEL TOWN YAMUNA NAGAR (HR) 9418071097 05.05.2015 sourpuri@gmail.com M.Sc.  B.Ed TGT
37 Ms. Preeti  Singla Main Bazar Rampur Bsr. Dist. Shimla (HP) 9857267855 05.10.2015 davrampur@hotmail.com M.Com, B.Ed PGT
38 Mrs. Suman Kanwar VILL MAILAN P.O. KOTGARH TEH. KUMARSAIN DIST. SHIMLA (HP) 9418301627 14.05.2015 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,B.Ed. PRT
49 Mrs. Leena  Kedarta vill-koti P.O. Dhar Gaura The. Rampur Dist. Shimla (HP) 8894866858 06.05.2015 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,B.Ed. PRT
40 Mrs. Raj Kumari VPO-Koyal The. Nirmanddist. Kullu (HP) 9418810590 05.05.2015 davrampur@hotmail.com M.A.,B.Ed. PRT
41 Ms. Pariksha Thakur Vill Nanja P.O. Kirti The. K/Sain Dist. Shimla  9418148662 05.05.2015 priksha.thakur@gmail.com B.A., B.Ed PRT
42 Mr. Beli  Ram C/o Aruna Sharma Ward No.7 # No.76 Near Bushar Regency Rampur 9857648111 17.11.2015 belisharma656565@gmail.com Aacharya, B.Ed PRT
 43        Promita       Kumari  



9857648111 06.04.2016 belisharma656565@gmail.com B.Sc B.Ed PRT